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AlbumEasy Manual

Documentation for AlbumEasy takes the form of an online help file included with the program.
For those users who would prefer a printed manual, Raymond King of Johannesburg has thoughtfully taken the time to create an expanded PDF manual based on the help file. This may be downloaded here to fit either A4 or Letter sized paper:


Newcomers to AlbumEasy may find that one or both of the following videos will help to ease the learning curve. The first is a very nice introduction by Tim Auld, the second a tutorial by myself:

Getting Started

  1. Installing AlbumEasy
    Download the applicable version of AlbumEasy from the download page and then select the appropriate installation method:
    • Windows: AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0.exe
      This is the installer for the Windows version of AlbumEasy. Simply execute this in order to install AlbumEasy.
    • Linux: AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0_64bit.tgz
      • Extract the AlbumEasy folder by double clicking on the downloaded AlbumEasySetupV3.8.0_64bit.tgz
      • Move this folder to an appropriate location in the Linux file system e.g. /home/USER-NAME/AlbumEasy
      • Open a shell command prompt, change to this folder, and then execute the CONFIG script by typing:
        This will create an AlbumEasy desktop shortcut and an AlbumEasy documents folder pre-populated with the examples.
      • AlbumEasy V3.5 (and newer) is dependant on the Qt 5.7 or newer libraries. Please ensure that these are installed in accordance with your Linux distribution.
    • Mac: Unfortunately installing AlbumEasy on a Mac is much less straightforward. Please refer to the download page for instructions.
  2. Generating your first album
    • Double click on the AlbumEasy icon.
    • Press the "Open" button, then select the AlbumSample.txt file (or one of the other examples) to open it.
    • Pressing the "Generate" button will create the file AlbumSample.pdf, which may now be viewed by pressing the "View PDF" button.
    Note: When printing from the Adobe Acrobat reader please ensure that the Shrink oversized pages to paper size, and Expand small pages to paper size options are not checked in the print dialogue box. Otherwise items on the page may be the incorrect size when printed.
  3. Creating a custom album
    • Press the Wizard" button and follow the prompts to create a new album file. Alternatively copy one of the example files e.g AlbumSample.txt to a new file such as Canada.txt
    • Edit the file with a text editor, or your favourite wordprocessor. If using a wordprocessor, please ensure that you save the file as text only.
    • Use AlbumEasy to process this file and generate the PDF output file