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Free user contributed Stamp Album pages to download

These user contributed albums have been kindly donated to the wider stamp collecting community for non-commercial use. These albums may be used as is, used for inspiration, or easily customised to meet the needs of an individual philatelist.
Please note, that anyone wishing to make commercial use of any of these albums would first need to obtain the permission of the respective author, in which case I would be happy to facilitate initial communications.

Albums may be downloaded as a ready to print PDF or as a zip file containing the customisable AlbumEasy source text file and any associated images.
To download, right click on the desired file and then select "Save Target As.." or "Save Link As.." depending on which web browser you are using.

I would be very grateful for further contributions by anyone willing to share album pages that they have created.

  • World
 PDFSource FilesEncoding *Author
AustraliaAustralia.pdfAustralia.zipLatin 1Craig McNaughton
 Australia 1913 to 2006 organised in accordance with Scott. A massive 330 page album.
CubaCuba.pdfCuba.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
 Cuba 1855 to 1930, including the United States Administration period. Organised in accordance with Scott.
PhilippinesPhilippines.pdfPhilippines.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
 Philippines Complete from No. 1 through the US Administration up to and including the Japanese Occupation. In accordance with Scott.
Puerto RicoPuertoRico.pdfPuertoRico.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
 Puerto Rico 1855 to 1900, including the United States Administration period. Organised in accordance with Scott.

  • US Possessions

These superb albums, organised in accordance with the Scott USA Specialized catalogue, have generously been donated by Bill Weston.

 PDFSource FilesEncoding *Author
Canal ZoneCanalZone.pdfCanalZone.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
CubaCuba_USA.pdfCuba_USA.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
 Cuba under US Administration. Scott 176 to 231, Special Delivery E1 & E2, Postage Dues J1 to J4
GuamGuam.pdfGuam.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
HawaiiHawaii.pdfHawaii.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
PhilippinesPhilippines_USA.pdfPhilippines_USA.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
 Philippines - the US Administration up to and including the Japanese Occupation.
Puerto RicoPuertoRico_USA.pdfPuertoRico_USA.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
 Puerto Rico - the United States Administration period of 1898 to 1900.
ShanghaiShanghai.pdfShanghai.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
US-VirginIslandsUS-VirginIslands.pdfUS-VirginIslands.zipUTF-8Bill Weston

  • British North America

Another fine group of albums courtesy of Bill Weston.

 PDFSource FilesEncoding *Author
BC & Vancouver IslandBCandVancouverIsland.pdfBCandVancouverIsland.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
New BrunswickNewBrunswick.pdfNewBrunswick.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
Nova ScotiaNovaScotia.pdfNovaScotia.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
NewfoundlandNewfoundland.pdfNewfoundland.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
Prince Edward IslandPrinceEdwardIsl.pdfPrinceEdwardIsl.zipUTF-8Bill Weston
* Encoding: AlbumEasy can interpret the input file as containing characters from either the Latin 1 or Unicode (UTF-8) character sets. The encoding may be selected from the configuration dialogue box. If the encoding is not configured to match the input file, then some characters may not display correctly